Fulfillments of the long awaited expectancy

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Mativanga is a remote and isolated village under Chotobighai Union of Patuakhali Sadar Upazila, 40 kilometer away from the LHCB hospital. Most of the people living here is Christian very few are Muslims and Hindus. High percentages of them are literate and government employees others either works in private sector, fisherman or farmer. Roads are either muddy or brick soling. Motorbike or rickshaw-van is the only source of transport. But nature lovers are glued here because of its amazing natural beauties.

For poor communications and living facilities Doctors never visited this place. Only a lone pharmacy in the market with limited medicines trying to fulfill the demand of the dwellers. Peoples are getting treatment from a so called nostrum. On the other hand, one unskilled TBA doing deliveries in the village and last year seven new born babies were died.

Under the prevailing healthcare circumstances, Christian people of Mativanga communicated with different Missionaries, Christian NGOs and Donors along with LHCB Authority to establish community clinic but there were no progress. Lastly, Executive Director, Finance Director and Communication Coordinator visited the area and came to a decision to establish a Health and Community Development Center at Mativanga. The dream of the people of Mativanga got the existential reality. Rev. Dr. Chandran Paul Martin - Consulting Regional Representative for South Asia, Global Mission - ELCA inaugurated the Matibhanga Health and Community Development Center on October 25, 2014.

After the inauguration ceremony the medical team started to see the patients. A large number of poor patients came for treatment and healthcare services from the physicians of LHCB.   Among the long queue of patients there were two young boys suffering from long fever came with their grandfather, the elder had been suffering for last fifteen days while the younger for four days. Fortunately they could draw the sympathy of Dr. Justine Baozandry. Doctor took the history of fever and undergone some physical examinations. Doctor’s primary observation was that the brothers were suffering from typhoid fever. She prescribed some emergency medications and advised them to come to the LHCB hospital. But the older one named Sarwar was so ill that he neither walks nor even eats anything and moreover, he was vomiting continuously. His condition was serious and in a helplessness condition.

Rev. Dr. Chandran Martin was noticing all the happenings around him. A prompt decision was taken and an ambulance was called in to take the boy to LHCB hospital. Food was given to the brothers to eat. At first, the grandfather did not agree to go to the hospital for monitory reasons because he was out of money to bear the treatment in the hospital. Later he was assured them that Sarwar will be treated for free and then he came with Sarwar. Dr. Nesar received the patient at LHCB hospital and admitted him immediately. Some pathological tests were done as per the investigation of the Doctor. The reports gave the proof that Sarwar had been suffering from the enteric fever and accordingly proper and adequate treatment had given. After 4 days of treatment the patient felt much better and wanted to go home. It is worth mentioning that LHCB provided good food to the patient including the attendant during his treatment period in LHCB hospital.  As the patient found out of risk, Doctor advised to release him with rest of the medicines and gave him some advices to follow.

The family members of Sarwar were very happy and thankful to LHCB authority. They conveyed gratitude and thanks to Almighty God as well as to the doctors, Donors, staffs and the authority too.